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Step 11: Make Plans for your Loop Data

Time Estimate

  • Nightscout: 1-2 hours if you've never done it before and work slowly
  • Nightscout: 20-30 minutes if you have experience in Github and Heroku previously
  • Tidepool: 30-40 minutes to set up account and Tidepool Mobile app
  • Apple Health: 0 minutes, already a part of your system


  • Review the three major systems that can store and show your Loop data.
  • Set up either Tidepool or Nightscout prior to your next endo appointment in order to provide them Looping data to review.


  • "Do I have to set one of these up?" No. But, your health care provider really does need data. Insurance companies definitely demand data make them happy.
  • "Do I need all three?" No, you can mix-and-match. Apple Health is already built into your iPhone, so there's no setup involved anyways. Nightscout setup is really actually quite easy and Loopdocs has a complete set of instructions for Loop users. Nightscout has a lot of useful alarms and alerts, too. Tidepool is free and easy to set up, and many clinics already have Tidepool integration.
  • Is it worth the time to setup Nightscout? I feel like I'm already doing so much outside my comfort zone." Yes. The feedback from the thousands of people that have come before you is YES, it is worth the minimal time investment to set up a Nightscout site.

Ok, technically this step could wait until after you build Loop app...but I have your attention now, so I'm taking advantage of it.

With Loop use, you will no longer be using your PDM (if you use Omnipods) and your pump (if you use Medtronic) will be so full of temp basals that the endos will have nothing to download at your next visit. This lack of data will cause a little friction with the health care industry; not good for your insurance records, not good for your endo to feel comfortable, and not good for you to know how your Loop use might be improved with settings tweaks.

So let's explore options for your Loop data. There are three great options for where your Loop data can be stored and retrieved:

All of the options are free and easy to setup. Take some time to familiarize yourself with these options and setup your preferred system(s). Personally, I use all three for various aspects of my data's story to me...Nightscout being the most useful day-to-day as a remote caregiver of a young Looper.

Next Step: Meet Community

Now you are ready to move onto Step 12 to Meet Community.

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