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Loop dev Preview

Loop users are directed to select a released version of Loop to download during the build process. The next version of Loop is developed under the dev branch and, when ready for testing, the developers ask for volunteers to assist in testing the new code. Please read What's going on in the dev branch? before deciding to test the dev branch. If you decide to build the dev branch, instructions are found the Advanced Users Only section of Build Step 13.

The Loop dev branch is in a state where there is active testing going on by experienced Loopers. To assist those Loopers, preliminary documentation has been prepared and is provided in a new tab called Loop 3. This is because, when released, Loop-dev will be released as Loop 3.0.

With Loop dev branch, the app screens have an updated appearance and organization. People familiar with the layout of features in Loop v2.2.x may need to reorient slightly to find particular settings; but for the most part, the layout will be natural to experienced Loop users.

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