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Using This Site FAQs

This website is a guide on how to build, set up and use your Loop app.

It is totally understandable to be intimidated and worried by the thought of building your own app, that this will be too technical. Please realize that once you have your hardware, building the app requires reading, copying a few lines and clicking a few buttons.

A quick overview of LoopDocs contents is shown below. If you are new to Loop or trying to figure out if you want to Loop, please start at the Overview of LoopDocs and read sequentially.

This looks so hard. I don't know if I can do it!

Building the Loop app is straightforward. There are a lot of steps because they are laid out into short segments so that you can take breaks if you want. If you are not a Mac user, the hardest thing may be learning the menu items and short cuts that are different on the Mac than on a PC.

  • Each step is designed to end at a natural stopping or resting point, in case you get interrupted or want to take a break.
  • Some of the steps only take 5 minutes to don't be intimidated by the number of steps.
  • The steps are listed in the order that you'd do each task. So start at step 1 and proceed forward.
  • Each step ends with a "next step" link or hit the n key to move to the next page.
  • You choose whether to keep going onto the next step or take a break and come back later.

What if I get stuck?

If you get stuck, there are several things that can help:

  • Scroll back up in the directions and see if you maybe missed a step accidentally. Might even be that you missed a paragraph.
  • Check and compare your screen's display with what the screenshots are highlighting. Does your screen seem similar? Or does yours have an error message? If you have an error message, see if it helps guide you to the problem.
  • If you just get stumped, post in Looped Group (Facebook)or Zulipchat and ask for help. Lots of people standing by to help each other. If you have a screenshot of where you are stuck and what part of the directions you are on, that will help a lot.
  • Note the word screenshot - please use your computer or phone to take a screenshot. Photos of screens are typically out of focus and not high enough resolution. Search for "How to take a screenshot" in your favorite search engine.

So, I build the app and then I'm done?

Nope...we wouldn't just leave you dangling like that. There's also an important walk-thru for how to set up your app for the first time. The new displays and settings are all explained in the "Set up App" section of this website. Check it out and follow along with each page step-by-step, just like you did for building. This way you'll learn valuable tips along the way too. Do similar for the "Operate" section of these docs...those are very helpful for understanding how you will use the app to enter meals, edit entries, bolus, etc.


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