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GitHub Build Overview

Build Loop with a Browser

The new GitHub build method is available with the release of Loop 3, as well as for development versions.

  • Installation on your phone is via TestFlight
  • This can be used by those who don't own a Mac but want to Loop
  • The GitHub build method can be used even if you do use a Mac - the two methods do not interfere with each other

TestFlight is the only method available for installation to a phone when using the GitHub build method, but it can also be used as a remote build option with the Mac-Xcode build method - see TestFlight from Xcode.

Pros and Cons

Advantages of GitHub Build

  • Mac computer is not required
  • Most recent version of Xcode is not required
    • No more updating macOS then updating Xcode for certain iOS upgrades
    • The time required for the initial setup for GitHub may take less time than one macOS and Xcode version update
  • Updates take a few minutes of your time to start and are ready to install on your phone in about an hour


The customization process can be more tedious to set up but then easy to maintain (for personalized customizations).


Loop 3 requires iOS 15.1 or higher

The requirements for building and using the Loop app with the GitHub Build Actions method are given below.

  1. Compatible iPhone/iPod Touch
  2. Compatible Pump
  3. Compatible CGM
  4. RileyLink Compatible Device (not needed for Omnipod DASH)
  5. Free GitHub account (instructions included in First-Time with GitHub Actions)
  6. Apple Developer Membership

First-Time GitHub Builder

There are a number of steps that must be completed the first time you use this method.

Deploy and Updates

What if I get stuck?

Try to:

  • Scroll back in the directions and see if you missed a paragraph or step.
  • Compare your display with the graphics in LoopDocs.
    • Is something different or does yours have an error message?
    • If you have an error message, does it guide you to the problem and solution?
    • Be aware that GitHub often updates where things are - search for GitHub directions if your display looks different than LoopDocs.
  • If you are still stumped - reach out for help: How to Find Help.