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Browser Overview

Build with a Browser

  • Loop 3 can be built with a web browser using GitHub Actions
  • The app is then installed remotely on the phone using TestFlight

Advantages of Building with a Browser

  • Mac computer is not required to build or install the app
    • Anything with a browser works to build the Loop app: PC, Tablet, Mac or iPad
    • The TestFlight app is used to install the Loop app on your iPhone
  • Compatible version of Xcode is provided by GitHub
    • The time required for the initial setup to build with a browser may take less time than one macOS and Xcode version update for those using Build with Mac
  • Updates are easy
    • Starting an update takes a few minutes of your time; the rest is automatic
    • Planned for the next release: app will build automatically at least once a month and is checked for updates once a week

Considerations for Building with a Browser

  • After the GitHub Build starts, your app is ready to install on your iPhone in about an hour
  • The app is delivered to your phone via TestFlight
    • The app is considered "Beta" by Apple and expires after 90 days
    • With the next release, which includes automatic builds, this will be even easier than it is now
  • Customization methods are documented at Customize with Browser


  • Loop 3 requires iOS 15.1 or higher on the phone.

To build the Loop app using a browser, you need:

  1. Free GitHub account (instructions included in Configure to use Browser)
  2. Apple Developer Membership

Once you have the Loop app in TestFlight, you need:

  1. Compatible iPhone
  2. Compatible Pump
  3. Compatible CGM
  4. RileyLink Compatible Device (not needed for Omnipod DASH)

Configuration to Build with a Browser

Steps that must be completed to configure for building with a browser are found at:

This is a very long page because there are a lot of steps and each step is explained with graphics of what you will see when you work through the steps.

How-to Video to Build with a Browser

In addition to the webpage linked above, there is a narrated video of each step needed to build using a browser.

Click in the comments for a full index of topics. If you have issues with a step, use the index to advance to the relevant part of the video. Subtitles are in English. You can choose a different language but the automatic translation feature may provide translations that are not completely accurate.

Install on Phone

Instructions to install on your phone are found at:

Update the App

Instructions to make updates are found at:

There is also a helpful video for this process:

Errors while Building

If you get an error, please consult:

Building the Development Version of the App

For experienced and/or advanced users who want to build the development version of the app, there is additional information at the link below. If you have not built using the browser build method before, it is suggested you first build the released version. Once you have a successful build, then follow the steps for the development version. Building the app is independent of installing the app on your phone from TestFlight.

What if I get stuck?

Try to:

  • Scroll back in the directions and see if you missed a paragraph or step
  • Compare your display with the graphics in LoopDocs
    • Is something different or does yours have an error message?
    • Does the error message guide you to the problem and solution?
    • Be aware that GitHub sometimes updates displayed names or locations for menu items - search for GitHub directions if your display looks different than our documentation
  • If you are still stumped - reach out for help: How to Find Help
    • Remember - to get help with Browser Build, all we need is your GitHub username and a brief description of your problem