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Main Loop Screen

The main Loop screen contains a Heads-Up Display at the top (when in portrait mode) with various graphs in the middle and a toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

New Look for Home Screen

  • The Loop-dev Home screen is designed to provide status at a glance
  • More detailed information is a quick tap away

main loop screen when running nominally

Heads-Up Display

The Heads-Up Display (HUD) for Loop-dev has been simplified. This display has 3 icons. The left icon shows the CGM value, the middle icon indicates Loop status and the right icon show pump status. More details are found under HUD Details.

For Pod Users

Yes the circular life-cycle icon is gone. When the pod is close to expiration, a warning indicator shows up under the pump icon.


The Loop charts are similar to Loop 2.2.x, refer to Loop Charts


The Loop toolbar is similar to Loop 2.2.x although there are some details that differ as discussed in Loop-dev Features.

Loop Settings are shown when tapping on the gear icon. The Loop-dev Settings display is substantially different than for Loop 2.2.x. Refer to the Loop-dev Settings page.

Loop Widget on Lock Screen

Loop has a widget which can be added to the lock screen. The example graphic below shows the Dexcom G6 widget above the Loop-dev widget.

widget on lock screen, dex above, loop below

HUD Details

Placeholder section where new indicators will be shown along with graphics.

  • "No Recent Glucose": Tap to add
  • Icon that shows timezone of pump and phone do not match
  • Icon that shows no data from current pump
  • etc

CGM Icon

Put stuff here

Loop Status Icon

Put stuff here

Pump Icon

Put stuff here

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