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Pump Configuration

The pump configuration can be selected from the Heads-Up-Display (HUD) or from the Loop Settings screen.

Add Pump

If no pump has been configured, the user has a choice of 3 pumps and a simulator:

  • Minimed 500/700 Series
  • Omnipod
  • Omnipod DASH
  • Insulin Pump Simulator

For all pumps, there is now an new selection option prior to adding the pump:

  • Insulin Type
    • User can select from Rapid (Novolog, Humalog, Apidra) or Ultra-Rapid (Fiasp, Lyumjev)

If a user selects Minimed 500/700 Series, follow these directions to add a Medtronic Pump.

If a user selects Omnipod, this is an Omnipod Eros selection which requires a RileyLink compatible device. Follow these directions to add Omnipod Eros.

If a user selects Omnipod DASH, this is the Bluetooth enabled Pod which does not require a RileyLink compatible device. Tapping on that row brings up the new user interface for DASH. Please refer to these instructions to add Omnipod DASH.

If a Medtronic or Omnipod Eros pump is configured, tapping on the pump icon leads to same Pump Settings Screen as Loop 2.2.x.

If an Omnipod DASH pod has been configured, tapping on the pump icon leads to the DASH Pump Screen.

Modify Pump

You must first delete the old pump before you can switch to a new pump type.

If you are using Pods, you must first deactivate your current pod. After the pod has been deactivated, a new row will show at the bottom of the pod setting screen. Tap on Switch to other insulin delivery device. The HUD will now show the add pump icon and you can select a new pump.

Add DASH Pod

When you select DASH you will need to configure default settings for the following 3 items. These default values can be modified later in the DASH Configuration section.

  1. Expiration Reminder
    • No Reminder
      • Pod is silent until it expires
    • Reminder between 1 and 24 hours before expiration
      • Pod beeps the "expiration" alert pattern until acknowledged by user through the Loop app
  2. Low Reservoir
    • Loop app provides a modal alert when reservoir reaches value selected (10 to 50 U)
  3. Insulin Type
    • User can select from Rapid (Novolog, Humalog, Apidra) or Ultra-Rapid (Fiasp, Lyumjev)

For those using the DASH pods, the user interface screens have been completely rewritten, DASH Pod Screen

A video is found here for pairing a DASH pod. Once the pod starts priming, you may want to skip ahead in the video (it takes about a minute to prime).

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