Loop Pill in Nightscout  

The Loop pill in Nightscout provides Loop status at a glance, including how many minutes ago the status was received.

Status Indicator

A small icon in the middle of the pill indicates the latest known status.

Status indicator symbols

X   Error in Loop

ϕ   Recommending basal, but not enacting (open loop or pump suspended)

  Enacted a new temp basal

  Loop is continuing with last temp basal, no change

  Warning (Loop has not completed since since the time set on your LOOP_WARN setting in NS)

Status Information

Mouseover or Touch the Loop pill to view a tool tip containing one or more of the latest status messages. The most up-to-date NS also includes information in the Loop pill for the minimum and maximum predicted BG, eventual predicted BG, BLE comms strength, and pump comms strength (for x23 and x54 model users).

Troubleshooting Loop

If you are getting unexpected status, review the Troubleshooting pages. To find a specific error message, search the site for all or part of the message.