New Nightscout Users

Two options exist for easy hosting of NS; Azure or Heroku. Both hosting services are free. However, Azure has data quotas monthly and shorter term CPU quotas. If you exceed those quotas, you may be facing a monthly data-use bill or being locked out of NS for about 12 hours until the quotas reset. As you start to use NS more intensively for alarms, pebble watches, etc…it is possible that you may exceed your monthly data cap on Azure. Many Loop users have transitioned their old sites from Azure over to Heroku and have found the hosting change to be beneficial. Heroku also has some memory limits, but those limits have been more than adequate for Loop users. Therefore, we recommend new users start with Heroku.


API_SECRET Create your own API_SECRET…this is like the password to your NS site. Please write it down somewhere safe or commit it to memory, you will be using it in the future. It needs to be at least 12 characters long and should NOT use the `@` symbol.
DISPLAY_UNITS enter either mg/dl or mmol
ENABLE bridge loop pump iob cob basal careportal sage cage

(Enter all of the words without commas. Just a single space between each word. Make sure autocorrect does not add space between careportal)
DISABLE Leave blank
BG_HIGH Enter the numeric value of BG you’d like as an urgent high alarm.
BG_TARGET_TOP Enter the numeric value of the top of your target BG.
BG_TARGET_BOTTOM Enter the numeric value of the bottom of your target BG.
BG_LOW Enter the numeric value of the BG you’d like as an urgent low alarm.
PUSHOVER lines Can be left blank for now. See PUSHOVER section if you want to integrate PUSHOVER notifications with NS later.
CUSTOM_TITLE This will be the text displayed in the upper left part of the NS website.
THEME change from default to colors
BRIDGE_USER_NAME Enter your Dexcom Share Account login name. This should be the same account name used in the Share2 or G5 Mobile app.
BRIDGE_PASSWORD Enter your Dexcom Share Account password.
BG_TARGET TOP Enter the numeric value of the top of your target BG.
BG_TARGET_BOTTOM Enter the numeric value of the bottom of your target BG.

The remaining variables can be left at their default values.

You do not have to enter all the information in the profile if you are using Loop (since Loop will be providing the information for IOB and COB rather than letting NS calculate them), but you do have to fill out the Basal Profile and TimeZone at a minimum in order to have your temp basals properly display. Click Save when you have entered the information. You will be prompted to authenticate, if it is the first time you’ve used the device to make changes in your profile. Click on the Authenticate link at the bottom of the site, and enter your API_SECRET to complete the authentication.

PUMP_FIELDS battery reservoir clock status
PUMP_RETRO_FIELDS battery reservoir clock status
SHOW_PLUGINS loop pump cob iob sage cage careportal

(This is the pump battery percentage that will trigger a red, urgent alert in NS.)

(This is the pump battery voltage that will trigger a red, urgent alert in NS.)

(This is the reservoir volume that will trigger a red, urgent alert in NS.)

(This is the minutes since Loop last successfully looped, the t1d will have a similar notification at this time through the Loop app. This will be a yellow alert in NS.)

(Same as the alert above, but will be red in color and have a shorter snooze option.)

If you are using Dexcom Share outside the United States, you will need to add one additional variable.


Troubleshooting Tip

If you are using Dexcom Share, don't forget to turn on "Sharing" toggle in the G5 app (or Share in the G4 receiver) and have a follower (even if it's yourself)...otherwise Nightscout won't get your BG data through the bridge.


Don't forget to keep you Loop App's Preferred Source set to Event History if you want your NS site to smoothly integrate. Preferred Source set to Reservoir will result in carbs not being uploaded and temp basals not being displayed.