iPhone or iPod Touch

Loop will run on on any iPhone or iPod Touch that is running iOS 12 or later, but the most current version is iOS 12.2. Therefore, compatible devices include:

Attention: iOS 12.2 users

If you are using iOS 12.2, you will need to use macOS 10.14.3 (Mojave) and Xcode 10.2 at a minimum.

Does Loop work on iPads?

No. Loop needs Apple's Health app to be on the device in order for Loop to access and store your insulin, blood glucose, and carbohydrate data for looping. Therefore, Loop does not work on iPads because they do not have Health capabilities.

Does Loop work on Android phones?

No. Loop is written in Swift language for iOS devices, and needs Health integration (see comment above about iPads).

Where can you find your iPhone’s iOS version?

Go to your iPhone’s Settings>General>About. The iOS will be listed under “Version”