Insulet Omnipods - Eros

Reminder and Disclaimer

Through the work of the DIY community, Insulet's Omnipod (Eros) system is now Loop compatible. Using Eros pods with Loop is not supported by Insulet. Do not call Insulet asking for help with your Loop build, setup, or operation. This project is not FDA-approved and you are using this project under your own responsibility and risk. Please read the documents and familiarize yourself with Loop before using.

Loop with Omnipod is still considered 'in-testing'

Loop with Omnipod considered an experimental feature branch. People using an experimental feature branch should expect issues and be willing to participate in reporting and capturing any observed issues. The branch will be likely updated, at a more frequent rate than a stable branch would be, to push bug fixes. Therefore, testers should also be willing and able to regularly update their Loop app to capture those updates.


Loop will work with these pods

Eros pods were launched in 2013 and continue to be sold by Insulet. As far as we know, there have been no plans or timelines announced for the discontinuation of Eros pods for existing customers. Insulet doesn't specifically call these "Eros" anymore, they just use the term "omnipod system". For clarity, from Insulet's webpage:

Eros system has that PDM we all recognize from the last several years.


Loop will not work with DASH pods

Insulet has announced their DASH system as an eventual replacement for Eros/Omnipod System. There has already been a limited release of DASH to a select group of users, with a wider public rollout of DASH expected in 2019. The DASH system has the newer, slimmer locked-android PDM and built in BLE communications in pod. Loop will not be compatible with the DASH system.