Turning Your Grey Loop to Green

When you are initially starting the Loop app, the Loop will be colored grey. Wait about 15-20 minutes for the Loop to turn from grey to green. There's a bit of time for Loop to pull all of those first pieces of data together, especially reading your pump history for the first time. If the Loop remains grey after 15-20 min, there are several possible causes for this. If you find yourself with a grey loop that just won't turn green, check these most frequently missed items on new setups:



Loop Settings

The most common delay in getting a grey loop to turn green is probably the lack of CGM data. If you have waited 15-20 minutes and no CGM data has appeared, try closing both the Loop and Dexcom apps (double-tap home button and up-swipe to close apps). Toggle your BT on iPhone off/on. Reopen the Loop app, then reopen Dexcom app.

If all else fails after verifying the settings listed in the sections above, you can: