How to set up your Loop app

This section of LoopDocs, under the general menu tab "Set up App", goes through all the important information about the process to properly set up all your needed information. You will need to work through the steps listed in the headings under this page one by one. Please follow along with each page's information to make sure that you don't miss any valuable information about your Loop's settings and function.

Add Pump

The first step to setting up your Loop app is to tell Loop which pump you're using. There are separate pages for setting up a Medtronic (MDT) pump or an Omnipod Eros pump (aka "pods"). Click on one of the pages to go straight to that page's guide.

Add Medtronic Pump

Add Omnipod Pump


You will need to add a CGM source for your Loop app. If you are wondering which CGMs are supported natively by Loop, check here. The guide for adding the CGM source is here


There is a particular section of Loop's settings area called "Configurations". Within this section, you will be entering many settings that you are already familiar with such as basal rates, carb ratios, and insulin sensitivity factor (aka correction factor). There are also several new terms that you may be unfamiliar with like insulin model selection, suspend threshold, and override ranges. Make sure you walk through the setup guide here for the configurations.

Services (optional)

The last section of entries to your Loop app, Services involve optional services that you can choose to send Loop data to. The most popular of those services is likely your Nightscout site; but there are also logging sites that can store information about your Loop errors and messages. All of these services are optional; not using these services will not affect your ability to Loop.

Loop Displays

After you are done setting up all your information, you will also need to familiarize yourself with the Loop's various information displays. This page will help you recognize what all the icons, graphs, and data mean.

The RileyLink itself has some menu displays and commands which provide useful information for your Loop. Check out this page to read up about the various options available.