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Loop 3.0 will be the next big release. It is being developed and tested under the dev branch (Loop-dev). Loop-dev has significant improvements and looks different (in some ways) from the Loop 2.2.x versions.


At the current time, the dev branch of Loop is under test by experienced loopers. If you are testing Loop-dev, the version number reported on your settings screen is Loop v2.3.0 (57).

When this version is released, it will be Loop 3.0 and the interface for Loop 3.x versions will use this updated documentation.

To assist folks testing Loop-dev in preparation for the release, this new section, called Loop 3, has been added to the LoopDocs menu structure.

For the most part, Loop users will follow the typical Build App, Set up App and Operate instructions. Once Loop-dev is released, links will be added to the Loop 2.2.x pages to indicate when there is a special version of that page for Loop 3.x.

Users of dev Branch

Those "future" links from Loop 2.2.x to this section have not been added - it is up to you to review these new pages for the information you need.

It is anticipated that it will take at least a year for Loopers to transition from Loop 2.2.x to Loop 3.x, although they will be encouraged to make the upgrade sooner.

Those of us who have been testing Loop-dev are very excited for this major update.

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