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Nightscout Cross Ref

Nightscout Documentation

A number of pages that used to be in LoopDocs have been moved to the Nightscout documentation. To prevent duplication and inconsistency, those pages have been removed from LoopDocs. A cross-reference to the Nightscout pages is provided below.

Remote Notifications

While the Loop app sends notifications locally on the Loop user's iPhone, parents and caregivers may want those messages on their phones, too. We can achieve this functionality through a combination of Nightscout, IFTTT, Google, and Pushover.

Loop Follow

Loop Follow was created by Jon Fawcett who took ideas from multiple other apps to create a single app to assist in his caregiving role. It is popular with Loopers who like the display and notifications as well as Loop caregivers. It can work with just the Dexcom Share credentials and/or the Nightscout URL and allows for easy customization of alerts and alarms. Jon handed over maintenance of this app to the Loop and Learn team.

Pebble Watch

LoopDocs had a page specifically about the Pebble Watchface called SkyLoop Predict, which is no longer being supported. The Nightscout Documentation provides information about many methods for displaying your Nightscout data on a variety of wearable devices.


Nightscout offers some fantastic data-crunching report tools.