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Simulator Build


There are 2 main types of simulators users may want to build. Each of these require less up-front acquisition of hardware and may be desirable as a first step towards becoming a Looper.

Please, review all the Build Steps, even if you will be skipping some.

Build to a Simulated iPhone on a Computer

Build to a Real iPhone and use a Simulated Pump and CGM

  • Need access to a mac or virtual computer, see Build Step 1
  • Need access to an iPhone or iPod, see Build Step 2
  • Steps you can skip
    • Step 3: Compatible Pump
    • Step 4: Compatible CGM
    • Step 5: Order a RileyLink
    • Step 6: Enroll in Apple Developer Program
  • Follow Build Step 8
  • Follow Build Step 9
  • Follow Build Step 14 using the Free Account instructions
  • Once the App is on your phone
    • Follow the set up the app instructions but choose a simulated pump
    • If you have a Dexcom CGM, you can select Dexcom Follow for the CGM; otherwise, you can enter glucose values in Apple Health and Loop will pick up the values
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