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LoopDocs Overview

LoopDocs Contents

The LoopDocs website is organized as follows

  • Home: What is Loop?
  • Intro: Introduction to Loop and LoopDocs
  • Build: How to build your Loop app the first time, or update next time
  • Set Up: How to set up your Loop app
  • Operate: How to use the Loop app
  • Troubleshoot: What to do if you're having trouble with the Loop app
  • Loop 3: Temporary section. It will move to Set Up when Loop 3 is released. (A development version is close to but not quite ready for release as Loop 3.)
  • Version: Information about Loop versions, code customization and development
  • Nightscout: Loop-specific Nightscout details; Nightscout is a companion application that many Loopers use
  • FAQs: Pages with safety tips, frequently asked questions and the Glossary

Introduction to Building and Operating Loop

It is totally understandable if the thought of building and operating your own Loop app feels intimidating. As you learn the steps explained in LoopDocs, this will start feeling more comfortable.

Building Loop

Building the Loop app is straightforward. There are a lot of steps because they are divided into short segments.

Best Practice: Learn to Build

Users are strongly encouraged to build Loop for themselves.

  • It is not recommended and no links will be found in LoopDocs to providers who build Loop as a service
  • If you choose to use such a service, you still need to take these steps before starting to Loop:
    • Procure compatible hardware (documented in Build)
    • Read all of LoopDocs
    • Know how to Set up and Operate Loop
    • These steps are important for your safety

What if I'm not sure I want to commit?

You can build Loop and practice with a simulated phone, CGM and pump. You can "dose" the simulated pump and your real pump at the same time and watch the glucose predictions.

Trying it with a simulator can help you decide if you want to move forward with purchasing the hardware and Apple Developers license each year for Loop.

Note - you will need to have access to a computer as an absolute minimum. Please review Simulator Build for more information.

Using Loop

A significant amount of content is provided on this website and via link to other sources. Please review these pages when initially setting up and learning to use Loop.

Some techniques are specific to Loop, but the general concepts of how man-made insulin works and strategies to test basal, carb ratios and insulin sensitivity apply to all the hybrid closed-loop systems, commercial and open source.

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