Safety Tips

Beware the Medtronic Easy Bolus button

Medtronic's easy bolus button has been the cause of several accidental boluses when the pump has been carried in a pocket. Best practice would be to disable the Easy Bolus button since you will be doing boluses from the phone anyways.

Health app permissions

Do not let other apps, such as Spike App or MyFitnessPal, on your iPhone write carbohydrates to Health app. Loop could read those carbohydrates and you could be dosed for those carbohydrates. You can read more about Health permissions here.

Finish your Medtronic priming

After a site change and reservoir rewind, Medtronic's pump will have a menu on the pump screen related to finishing your prime. Make sure you complete that screen and always return to the main menu. Medtronic's pump won't resume basal insulin delivery until that priming screen is completed.

Know your settings

Do not enter in settings that you are unsure of. For example, if you haven't any idea what your carb ratio is, please don't enter a zero or a wild guess. Instead, test your settings and talk to your health care provider about what your appropriate settings should be.