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New Phone Tips


Changing phones means you have to rebuild the Loop app onto the new phone. When you transfer information from your old phone to your new one, all your Loop information is included and the Loop icon will appear, but the app will not open until you install Loop from either TestFlight (GitHub Build) or Xcode (Mac-Xcode Build).

Some people don't have access to their old phone. There are instructions for handling that on this page. It makes the whole process more stressful, but remember, pods continue to deliver basal rate and Medtronic pumps can be controlled on the pump itself. Use your backup plan until you can get Loop running on a new phone.

Forced iOS Update

When you change phones, Apple will force you to the latest iOS version available for your new phone.

Prepare Before Upgrade

If you are using Dexcom G7, make sure you keep the 4-digit code for your current sensor.

If you still have your old phone, you can prepare before switching to the new phone.

  • Be sure to record your Loop Settings (screenshots work well)

If you don't have your old phone, hopefully you have an iCloud backup and can use that to transfer your information to your new phone.

Keep the Old Phone Until Loop is Working on the New One

Even if you plan to turn your old phone in for a rebate, you can ask to keep the old one for a week or two. Most vendors will agree to this.

Update your old phone to the latest iOS the hardware supports - this simplifies the automatic transfer process Apple provides to move all your data and apps from your old phone to your new phone.

New Phone Checklist for Browser Build

  • The Loop app will install from TestFlight onto the most recent iOS
  • If a new version of Loop is available, we recommend updating and building to the latest Update with Browser

New Phone Checklist for Mac-Xcode Build

Different Developer ID

Different Developer ID

If you need to build Loop with a different developer ID on the new phone, the settings and pump information will not transfer.

  • The new app that you build with the new Developer ID will open and you can Onboard
  • The old app will still be on the phone: find it and delete it to avoid confusion

Procure a New Phone

  1. Procure the new phone and keep the old one (if possible)
  2. Transfer your information to your new phone
    • Let the new phone vendor help you
    • Use an iCloud back-up for the transfer
    • Use both devices with Quick Start to transfer from the old to the new phone

Loop with the Old Phone

If you cannot keep the old phone, or it is not available, then skip ahead to the Loop with the New Phone.

  • You can use the old phone to Loop until you are ready to switch
  • Use WiFi with the old phone and use your new phone as a cellular hot-spot as needed
  • Keep the CGM on the old phone
    • If using Dexcom, use the Dexcom app on the old phone
    • If using Libre;, the Libre is connected to Loop on the old phone

Loop with the New Phone

Install Loop

It is easier if you transfer information from the old phone to the new phone before you install and open Loop on the new phone. If this is not possible, then you will do the normal Onboarding for a new Loop app.

  1. When you transfer information from your old phone to your new phone, all the Loop settings files get copied to the new device including information about the pod
    • If the timing works, you can keep the pod if you switch to using the new phone for Loop after the information transfer and before changing pods with the old phone
    • If this is not possible, you will need to start a new pod with the new phone
    • Medtronic users will have all their information transferred but will only have one phone connected to the RileyLink
  2. Install Loop on the new phone (all your settings should be there)
  3. As soon as you install Loop on the new phone, go ahead and disable Closed Loop.
    • Keep closed loop disabled until you complete the full transfer and checkout.

Install from TestFlight

  • Open TestFlight app on new phone
  • Install Loop on your new phone from TestFlight

Build using Mac-Xcode

  • Open Xcode – use the same build as you used for the old phone
  • Plug in the new phone to the computer (trust phone/computer) and hit build
  • Build Loop on the new phone

Prepare to Change Loop Phones

On old phone (if available):

  1. Loop app, turn off the slider for the RileyLink if using Medtronic or Eros Pods
    • Do not delete the pump; if using pods, this cannot be reversed
  2. Phone Settings, Bluetooth
    • Forget the connections to the CGM (Dexcom or Libre)
    • Do not forget anything that says TWI_BOARD or NXP_BLE (this is your DASH pod)
  3. Phone Settings, Bluetooth: Disable Bluetooth

Transfer Pump

Bluetooth must be off on the old phone.

  • On the new phone, examine the pump status
    • If everything transfered, your new phone should be communicating with your pump
    • If using a RileyLink device and it doesn't show as connected, try a power cycle on the device
    • If you need to start a new pod, do it now
  • If necessary, delete the pump type and add it back

Transfer CGM

It is now time to transfer the CGM to the new phone.

Dexcom CGM

The Dexcom app might have transferred successfully, but it’s not a bad idea to install that fresh from the App Store on the new phone. Doing so may be required.

  • You need your Dexcom Transmitter ID or 4-digit code (for G7)
  • On the new phone, in Loop, delete Dexcom as your CGM so you can pair the new phone to the Dexcom app
  • On the new phone, open the Dexcom app and pair to the transmitter (G5, G6 or One) or enter the four-digit code for G7

    • You can keep using your current sensor session
    • You indicate you are starting a new sensor (it’s not really new)
      • G5, G6 or ONE, enter transmitter ID
        • If you enter no code, you will be warned that calibrations are required (don't worry)
        • When the app pairs with the tranmistter, it picks up the current session, and calibrations are not required
      • G7, enter 4-digit code
    • Within 5 to 10 minutes, Dexcom app should read the current session and keep going
  • Wait for Dexcom to connect

  • On new phone, add the CGM to Loop

Libre CGM

Placeholder for Libre CGM instructions. Suggested procedures from the community are encouraged.

  • On the new phone, in Loop, delete Libre as your CGM
  • On the new phone, in Loop, add Libre as your CGM
  • Wait for Libre to connect

Ready to Loop

  1. Keep closed loop disabled until you complete the full transfer and checkout.

    Check Every Setting

    • Make sure all the basal, ISF, CR, Insulin Selection and ranges are correct
    • Check Dosing Strategy selection
    • Check permissions and notification settings
    • Check Focus mode settings - make sure Loop and CGM apps have permission for all Focus modes
  2. Do a manual bolus of the smallest possible amount to make sure Loop and pump are working.

  3. Monitor CGM values to ensure new readings are coming in.

  4. Check COB and IOB

    Apple Health History

    Your COB and IOB may not carry over to your new phone.

    Loop reads from Apple Health and may restore COB and IOB from health – this assumes health is stored on iCloud and synchronized between old and new phone

    If your COB and IOB show up as blank, you can go open loop for 3 to 6 hours.

    If you are impatient, you can try this but be cautious:

    • Add back your insulin via Apple Health (on your new phone) to the time that the boluses and positive temp basals were recorded on your old phone: Apple Health , Insulin Delivery, Add Data.
    • Wait about 5 minutes for that insulin to show up in Loop as Active Insulin
    • Finally, add the Carbohydrates to Loop by entering them in your Add Carb Entry screen and rolling back the Date/Time wheel to the time of the original entry(ies)
  5. Once you are happy with the configuration of Loop on your new phone, go ahead and enable closed loop mode again.

Old Phone

Once you are using Loop on your new phone, you can delete the pump from the old phone.

  • On the old phone, in the Loop app:
    • Delete the pump
  • If using DASH pods with direct Bluetooth connection to your phone
    • Go into the old phone Settings -> Bluetooth and turn it back on
    • Forget the pod; it will show up as TWI_BOARD or NXP_BLE

You can either keep the Old Phone as a backup, reset it and turn it in for credit or give it to some deserving individual.