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Remote Overview

Remote Caregivers

With Loop 3, a caregiver can provide remote commands to assist in diabetes care, including modifying overrides, issuing remote bolus commands and adding remote carb entries. With Loop 2, only overrides can be turned on or off remotely.

Remote commands to the Loop phone go through their Nightscout site. For security, any command to deliver a bolus or add a carb entry requires a one-time-password (OTP) to be used with each remote command. These codes are unique to your combined Loop and Nightscout configuration. An authentication app needs to be installed on the device sending the remote boluses/carbs. The Loop Caregiver app can be used. It handles authentication requirements and offers a Loop -like user interface.

Remote Commanding Requirements:

  •  Loop version 3.2.0 or newer
    • version 3.0 works but is not recommended for other reasons
  • Apple Push Notifications  ( APN ) created with the  Apple Developer ID  that built the Loop app
  • Nightscout version 14.2.6 or newer
    • Several configuration variables must be added
  • Ability to generate a One-Time-Password (OTP)

What about Older Versions?

Caregivers for those using older versions of Loop can modify Overrides remotely but cannot send remote bolus or carb commands.

If your Nightscout site is an older version, you should limit your remote commands to Overrides, even with  Loop 3.

 Loop Caregiver

There is a new companion app,  Loop Caregiver that makes remote commands and reviewing the status of your looper much easier.

How does this work?

Loop and Nightscout work using  Apple Push Notifications  (APN).

  • The  Apple Developer ID  used to build the Loop app must be configured to enable  Apple Push Notifications
  • Most providers who supply Nightscout as a service or Hosted Nightscout will assist you, if needed, in getting your APN information added to your Nightscout variables

Warning: Nightscout Remote Carbohydrate Entries

Use unique times for remote carbohydrate entries

Instead of adding a second remote carbohydrate entry at an identical time, add one minute to the second entry.

This ensures that Nightscout keeps both entries.

For more information, see:

Next Steps

There are several steps to follow to set this up. Each page is linked below:

Set Up Remote for Nightscout

Using Remote Commands

Remote Errors

Loop Caregiver App