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Medtronic Pump

Pump Settings

To bring up the Pump Settings display, tap on the pump icon in the Heads Up Display (HUD) or your connected pump in the Loop Settings screen.

Medtronic Status and Commands

Medtronic status and commands are found in the Pump Settings screen shown in the graphic below. The top section is configured at the time the pump is connected to Loop. You cannot edit those lines.

Medtronic Pump Settings screen

Suspend Delivery

Tapping on the Suspend Delivery row will suspend all insulin delivery: basals, temp basals, and boluses in progress. When you press Suspend Delivery, the label changes to Suspending while Loop is communicating with the pump. When the label changes to Resume Delivery, all insulin delivery is stopped until the user resumes using the HUD Status Row, the Pump Settings screen or on the pump itself.

As long as the spinning icon is spinning, Loop is trying to execute the Suspend or Resume command. If it fails to complete, a modal alert will appear that says "Error Suspending" or "Failed to Resume Insulin Delivery" which you must acknowledge. You must then repeat the command to try again. Make sure your RileyLink device is powered on and close to the phone and pump.

When the phone is in portrait mode, so the HUD is visible:

pump status icon when suspended

status row message when pump is suspended

You can still suspend and resume insulin on the pump itself. It may take until the next Loop cycle (typically less than 5 minutes), but Loop will detect that the pump is suspended or basal is resumed and the HUD Status Row will update.

If you request a manual bolus with Loop while the pump is suspended, Loop resumes basal delivery as well. No automated boluses are initiated while suspended, only manual ones.

Change Time Zone

During normal operation, Loop automatically keeps phone time and pump time aligned. In the case of time zone or daylight savings time changes, Loop allows the differences to persist until the user chooses to Change Time Zone. Please review Time Zone for more details.

If you notice a small clock symbol in upper right of the pump status icon, that indicates the time zone for the pump and phone are not the same.

high temp basal indicator with reservoir level below alert and clock icon

Pump Battery Type

The type of battery used in the Medtronic pump affects how Loop interprets the battery level for the pump.

Preferred Data Source

Leave the Preferred Data Source set to on Event History.

Insulin Type

You selected insulin type when connecting to this pump.

Use this row if you switch to a different type of insulin.

  • The model used by Loop for all the rapid insulin brands are the same, but it's a good idea to record if you change brands - some people notice differences
  • If you switch between rapid and ultra-rapid insulin, you need to let Loop know so it will use the appropriate model

Use MySentry

Using the MySentry feature on some Medtronic pumps when using an OrangeLink causes the batteries to die quickly. This option allows you to turn off MySentry within the Loop app.

MySentry selection screen for enabling or disabling the option


This allows access to the RileyLink screen for each connected RileyLink compatible device.

Delete Pump

If you want to switch to a different pump you must first delete this one:

  • Deselect your RileyLink compatible device
    • Move the slider(s) so it is no longer green
  • Tap on Delete Pump
  • Acknowledge you really mean it when asked by tapping Delete Pump again
  • Add a new pump

For more information, follow this link: Modify Pump.