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Build Overview

What do I need to Loop?

To Loop you need a:

  1. Compatible Computer
  2. Compatible iPhone/iPod Touch
  3. Compatible Pump
  4. Compatible CGM
  5. RileyLink Compatible Device (not needed for Omnipod DASH)
  6. Apple Developer Membership (not needed if you rebuild weekly)
  7. Xcode (a free Apple application)

If building to a Simulator to try things out, the only requirements are a computer and Xcode.

Getting Ready to Build

Start by clicking through the Build pages from Compatible Computer through Build Loop App and read the top three boxes on each page: icons for those boxes are displayed below for reference. On a desktop, you can use n for next and p for previous.

Time Estimate



Next, read pages from Compatible Computer through Build Loop App completely and skim Oh dear! Build errors?. Most of the mistakes you can make when building have already been made. The Build Errors page shows how to fix them.

When you are ready to proceed, complete the tasks on each page. You can do one a day, take a week per page or blaze through them quickly. Just be sure to read carefully and if you are confused - reach out for help: Finding Help.

After you build Loop on your phone, keep following along in the docs as you Set up and Operate your Loop app.

What if I get stuck?

Try to:

  • Scroll back in the directions and see if you missed a paragraph or step.
  • Compare your screen's display with the graphics in the step. Is something different or does yours have an error message? If you have an error message, does it guide you to the problem and solution?
  • If you are still stumped - reach out for help: Finding Help.
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