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Overview of Build Process

The overall build process is straightforward if you follow the step-by-step instructions.

The steps in the Build menu will help you through the following tasks:

  • Check that you have or can obtain the compatible gear needed to Loop
  • Prepare your computer
  • Download the Loop code to your computer
  • Build the Loop app on your phone

After the build, be sure to follow steps to Set up and Operate the Loop app

This may appear intimidating at first, but it is quite doable by the average computer user.

To orient yourself, consider clicking through the Build Steps from Step 1 through Step 14 and read just the top three boxes on each page. If you're on a desktop, use n for next and p for previous.

Time Estimate



Once you've completed this quick overview of the build steps, return and read the pages completely for Steps 1 through 14. It's good idea to skim Oh dear! Build errors? at this point. The most important take-away from that page is that most of the mistakes have already been made and there are correction steps to follow to get your build back on track. If that doesn't help, there are mentors ready and willing to assist.

The next stage is to work through the steps and complete the tasks on each page. You can do one a day or blaze through them all. Just be sure to read carefully and if you are confused - reach out for help.

Yes - if you were paying attention, the suggestion is to go from this page through Build Steps 1 through 14 three times:

  1. Read just the highlights (top three boxes)
  2. Skim each page
  3. Do the work

Build Alert:

iOS 15.4 Requires Xcode 13.3 and macOS 12 (Monterey)

In March 2022, Apple released iOS 15.4 (phone operating system).

  • In order to build Loop on an iOS 15.4 device, you must use Xcode 13.3
  • In order to use Xcode 13.3, you must update your Mac operating system to the current version (Monterey, version 12.x)
  • If this terminology confuses you - don't worry, it will be explained step-by-step

Introduction to Loop Video

If you have never used Loop, click on links below for an introduction.

Classic Video

  • This "classic" Katie DiSimone video Introduction to Loop Video was created before the Omnipod version of Loop was released in April 2019 - so yes you can definitely use Omnipod Eros pumps
  • The menus have been rearranged slightly but the overall concept of how to use Loop is demonstrated in this video
  • The workout target shown in the video has been completely reworked as Overrides

New Video

  • This newer What is Loop video with associated pdf deck was created by the Loop and Learn Team
  • Special thanks to Tina and Reese Hammer for the terrific video
  • Special thanks to Matthew Fouse for the generous use of his beautiful graphics

Take it one step at a time...

If you are worried about how long this will take, you can always stop at one of the steps and come back later. The steps are meant to be nice stopping points to take breaks if needed.

First Step: Compatible Computer

Now you are ready to start the Build Steps.

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