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Version Overview

The Version tab of LoopDocs contains a lot of details about Loop versions, code customization and development that some Loopers need but may be confusing for new Loopers when they are first building Loop.

Map to this section:

  • Loop Releases
    • Description of the current released version of Loop including when it was released
    • Reverse chronology of earlier releases
  • Code Customization
    • Instructions for customizing your DIY code
    • Think of this as your personalized version
  • Simulator Build
    • Instructions for building to a simulator
  • Loop Development
    • Description of the development process for Loop
    • Information you need if you want to participate
  • Building Dev
    • After Loop 3 is released, a new page will be added
    • For now, this link takes you to Build Step 13 instructions for building dev
  • LoopWorkspace
    • If you are interested in development, you might need information on this page
    • The primary focus is on techniques for using git
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