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Remote Errors

Loop  data is not showing in  Nightscout

Improper Configuration

Nightscout  Config and  Loop  Build Method

Ensure your  Nightscout  version is at least version 14.2.6.

Verify that you performed all the Remote Configuration steps for the  Nightscout  site including sending an override from the  Loop  phone to  Nightscout.


When the  Nightscout  config var LOOP_PUSH_SERVER_ENVIRONMENT does not match the  Loop  app build method; the error message contains the phrase APNs delivery failed: BadDeviceToken.

  • If  Loop  was installed remotely (typically from TestFlight following GitHub Browser Build), you must have  Nightscout  config var LOOP_PUSH_SERVER_ENVIRONMENT set to production
  • If  Loop  was built using Mac-Xcode, you cannot have LOOP_PUSH_SERVER_ENVIRONMENT as one of your  Nightscout  config vars

If you attempt to issue a command from  Nightscout  Careportal; after you hit submit and then OK, you will see the error message:

Error: APNs delivery failed: BadDeviceToken

If you attempt to issue a command using  Loop Caregiver; after you authenticate the command, you will see the error message listed below and shown in the screenshot.

HTTP Error
Status Code: 500
body: APNs delivery failed: BadDeviceToken

site and build method mismatch


You can build Loop with Build-Time Features as part of code customization.

If you added this Build-Time Flag: REMOTE_OVERRIDES_DISABLED

You will not see any errors, but nothing will happen when you issue any kind of remote command.

Solution: Remove REMOTE_OVERRIDES_DISABLED from LoopConfigOverride.xcconfig file and rebuild the  Loop  app.

Incorrect Password (OTP) Error

The references to Caregiver below is the person sending the commands. There are specific  Loop Caregiver  app insructions that you modify for your authenticator. You must have the  Loop  phone with you to troubleshoot this problem.

  • The Apple clock should be set to automatic on both the Looper's phone and Caregiver’s device.
    • If the clock is incorrect, even slightly, remote commands will fail.
  • Check if One-Time Passwords (OTP) align between Caregiver and  Loop.
    • In  Loop: Settings -> Services ->  Nightscout
    • In  Loop Caregiver: Settings -> Tap on Loopers Name
    • Observe the 6-digit OTP as they change
  • If the OTP don't match, you can reset it:
    • Warning: If there are multiple devices (or people) sending remote commands, this procedure resets the OTP for all
    • Loop: Settings -> Services ->  Nightscout  -> One-Time Password -> Tap Reload button
      • The QR code is different as soon as you hit Reload
    • Loop Caregiver: Delete the Looper's profile from  Loop Caregiver  and add the Looper again by scanning their new QR code
    • Authenticators for every device used to send remote commands must be updated
      • Delete the OTP configuration
      • Add the new QR code

Undelivered or Expired Commands

Apple Push Notifications will often not make it to an app, either due to your settings or intentional limitations by Apple. This error can appear in various forms:

  • Push notification banner never shows on Looper’s device.
  • Push notification banner shows but nothing happens in  Loop  (no error or success message afterwards)
  • Error message shows that Password (OTP) is expired

While  Loop  does not have control over Push Notification timely delivery, there are things that can be done to mitigate these issues. Note that rebuilding  Loop,  Loop Caregiver  or  Nightscout  is generally not going to help.

Check these settings on the Looper’s device, not the Caregivers. Several of these are related to Apple suppressing notifications.

  • Notifications
    • Settings -> Notifications ->  Loop
    • Turn on “Allow Notifications”
    • Turn on “Time Sensitive Notifications”
  • Focus Modes
    • For all focus modes (ex: Do Not Disturb, Sleep), make sure  Loop  is listed as an app allowing Notifications.
    • To Adjust
      • Settings -> Focus
      • Select the focus mode (ex: Do Not Disturb, Sleep)
      • Under “Allow Notifications, tap “Apps”
      • Add “ Loop ” to the list.
      • Turn on “Time Sensitive Notifications”.
  • Background App Refresh
    • Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh
    • Select “On” up top
    • Activate  Loop  toggle in list
  • Lower Power Mode
    • Turn off if able

Some other things to try on the Looper’s phone:

  • Reboot phone
    • This sometimes resets Apple’s push notification limit.
  • Try wifi instead of cellular, if able
    • Apple may not deliver notifications on cellular as often as wifi.
  • Charge the phone
    • If the battery is low, iOS may not deliver notifications to save battery life.
  • Limit the number of  Loop  commands you send in a short period. Apple may throttle notifications if too many are received. (i.e. no more than 1 or 2 per hour may help).
  • Consider disabling “spammy” notifications from other apps. This is only a theory, but it is possible that other apps can cause the system to throttle all notifications, including  Loop ’s.
  • Wait 24 hours or so as it often just takes time for the push notification limits to “reset”.
  • iOS 15.3.x: Note there are reports of Remote notifications not being received to the Loopers device for iOS version 15.3 and 15.3.1. This is fixed in iOS version 15.4.

How to Ask for Help

This is helpful information to share when requested by helpers. If you are not using  Loop Caregiver, review the response seen on the  Nightscout  site.

  1. Activate an override from within  Loop . Does  Nightscout  show the active override?
  2. Activate an override from  Nightscout . Does it change the active override in  Loop?
  3. Do errors show in  Loop Caregiver  or  Nightscout  Careportal when you send a remote command?
    • Share screenshots of error if any
  4. Do errors show in iOS Notifications on the Looper’s device?
    • Check their Notification history in iOS by swiping down
    • Share screenshots of errors if any
  5. What  Loop  version are you using? Released (main) or development (dev)? Approximately when did you update last?
    • The minimum version that support remote bolus and carbs is  Loop  3
  6. What iOS version is being used on the Looper’s device?
    • Note that iOS 15.3.x had notification issues
    • Update to a newer version
  7. How did you build  Loop?
    • Build with Xcode to device (typical)?
    • Using AppCenter or Diawai? A special environment variable must be set LOOP_PUSH_SERVER_ENVIRONMENT=production

Mention which troubleshooting steps you have completed so we know whether to ask about these again.

Other Errors

Once you've set up remote commands, you may encounter errors when trying to run them via  Nightscout  or iOS Shortcuts. Below are the most common and typical solutions.

  1. Error: <span translate="no">Loop</span>&nbsp; notification failed: Could not find deviceToken in loopSettings You might see this in either  Nightscout  or Shortcuts. The error is most commonly caused by  Loop  not pointing to the right  Nightscout  instance or you haven't yet run an override locally (with the  Loop  app) before trying to run one remotely.
    Solution: Confirm the  Loop  app is pointing to the right  Nightscout  site (and there are no extra spaces or a slash (/) at the end, and always run an override for a few seconds in the  Loop  app before you try to run one remotely.
  2. Error: cannot POST/api/v2/notifications/loop You might see this in iOS Shortcuts. This means  Nightscout  is not updated correctly and you are running a version of  Nightscout  that doesn't yet support remote overrides.
    Solution: Follow the Remote Configuration documentation.
  3. Error: {“status”:401,”message”:”Unauthorized”,”description”:Invalid\\/Missing”} You might see this in iOS Shortcuts. This is caused by having an incorrect API_SECRET in the shortcut.
    Solution: Double check the API_SECRET is correct and that there are no spaces at the end.
  4. Error: APNs delivery failed: InvalidProviderToken You might see this in either  Nightscout  or Shortcuts. This is caused because your LOOP_APNS_KEY_ID and LOOP_DEVELOPER_TEAM_ID are swapped in Heroku.
    Solution: Double check what's listed in your Apple Developer Account and compare it to the config variables in Heroku. Your Team_ID is next to your name in the top right corner. The other code is your Key_ID. Get the IDs in the correct location in Heroku to resolve the error.