What CGMs does Loop work with?

Loop works Dexcom G4 with share, G5, G6, Share and the Medtronic CGM systems compatible with Looping pumps.

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Can I use Libre sensors with a reader like Miao Miao?

If you want to use a Libre sensor you will need to modify Loop to accomplish that use. Loop code does not natively support that sensor, nor readers.

Can I use Eversense?

Nope. Eversense does not write to Apple Health nor has the BT communications protocol been reverse engineered the way it has been done with Dexcom.

Can Loop read CGM data from Nightscout?

Loop does not read from, nor upload to, CGM data for Nightscout. You would need to use a solution such as NightscoutShareServer and make changes to Loop code in order to do that. Please search the Looped group on Facebook for posts regarding that option, as it is not a part of standard Loop use and is a community-based modification. You will need to do your homework and research to make that happen. At this time, there is not an active version of a modified Loop that appears to support this option easily.

Can Spike or Xdrip be used with Loop?

Spike and Xdrip are not supported by Loop. You will need to implement community-based modifications to Loop in order to use those apps with Loop. Helpful tip: Use spike loop as a search term in Looped group for additional info about community-modified Loop versions for Spike. Links to those modified Loop versions are not provided in these LoopDocs because we (the LoopDocs maintainers and Loop developers) do not actively watch those versions to ensure they are up-to-date.