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Build Dev

Building Development Code

No matter the method used to build Loop-dev: GitHub actions or git commands, you are testing development code. Please read this link now before continuing.

There are several methods to build Loop-dev. First review the general information on this page then choose the link for the method of your choice:

Update Frequently

While Loop-dev is under active development, you should monitor zulipchat and update frequently. Sometimes the dev branch is quiet for a month or more and other times it gets updated daily. Please pay attention.

Checking for updates every week is a good idea. Also - subscribe to all the streams on Loop Zulipchat to make sure you don't miss critical information.

Loop-dev Version

The version of code that shows up under the Loop Settings screen does not change when the dev branch is modified.

If you need help with your app, the mentors need more information. Please issue a Loop Report when asking for help. Refer to Support for how to issue a Loop Report. If you want to keep track yourself, refer to Identify Loop-dev Version

Identify Loop-dev Version

The version of code that shows up under the Loop Settings screen will remain fixed until Loop-dev is released. In order to identify which version of dev you have on your phone, you need the commit.

The commit is identified by a 7-digit alphanumeric code. That code was also appended to the folder name of the downloaded code under Downloads/BuildLoop as shown in the graphic above. You can use finder to view the folder name after the script completes. It also appears in the Loop Report, refer to Support for instructions on issuing a Loop Report. After you issue the Loop Report, look at the workspaceGitRevision number near the beginning of the report.

Build Loop dev

  1. For the Build with Browser method
  2. For the Build with Mac method: