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Welcome to  Loop

Welcome to the  LoopDocs  website where you can learn about  Loop.

This site shows you step-by-step how to build, set up and operate the  Loop  app.

  • You do not need a technical or computer background to do this
  • You can choose to build the  Loop  app using a browser on any computer and install it on your Apple phone via  TestFlight 

In order to become a proficient with the app, you should learn the information on this site. Consider doing this over a period of time and reviewing the materials more than once.

  • You should test and perhaps adjust your settings to be successful with  Loop  (or any hybrid closed-loop system)
  • You will find links as you read to a robust volunteer support community

Once you are using the app, you should regularly follow one or more support forums for important updates on  Loop. Spending this time is important for success in building and operating  Loop  safely.

This website is updated regularly to keep pace with  Loop  developments and  Apple  releases.

What is  Loop?

Loop  is an app you build and load on an iPhone.

After building the  Loop  app:

  • You enter your personal therapy settings (e.g., carbohydrate ratio, basal rates, insulin sensitivity)
  • You enter the carbs you eat
  • Loop  uses this information, your insulin on board (IOB) and glucose data, to determine how much insulin you need to bring your blood glucose within the target range you set
  • You can choose to have  Loop  automatically control insulin dosing (closed-loop mode) or have  Loop  recommend insulin that you manually accept or modify (open-loop mode)

Loop main display on phone Loop watch screen on watch

What is  Loop  Video

If you have never used  Loop, click on links below for an introduction.

 Loop  Video

  • This What is  Loop video with associated pdf deck was created by the  Loop and Learn  team
  • Special thanks to Tina and Reese Hammer for the terrific video
  • Special thanks to Matthew Fouse for the generous use of his beautiful graphics

Important Disclaimer

Please consult with your health care professional regarding your diabetes management.

  • The  Loop  app is an open source project used by many, but it is not approved for therapy by any government organization.
  • You take full responsibility for building and running this system and do so at your own risk.

Volunteer Community

Loop  has been, and continues to be, developed and supported by volunteers. From the code to this website, you are able to use this app because many volunteers have given their personal and family time.

Please add your time by reading this website before embarking on your  Loop  journey.